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Rain Flower Walk

Rain Flower Walk

More and more people  understand the power of sonic surroundings. People want to enjoy natural sounds, but they play the digital form of it via headphones. Nature and cities are offering already a large range of interesting “songs” played in space. Rain Flower Walk I want to show that the correlation sound-people’s movement and landscape is possible.

The outdoor installation for public sphere and private gardens,  amplifies sound of rain letting people experience the sonic landscape.

From 2016 the installation was placed in various public parks between The Netherlands and Italy, here a selection of places.

Unique YoungStars 2017 shortlisted.

Rain Flower. Jessica Bizzoni. Narrative and Spatial design. Designer, Researcher, Photographer. Graduated at the Design Academy of Eindhoven.

Parco La Trucca Bergamo, Milan Design Week 2017.


Happy to see that Rain Flower is finalist in the Unique Young Star and one week left to vote! #soundinstallation #Repost @artsthread (@get_repost) ・・・ Meet finalist Jessica Bizzoni & Discover new designs for Outdoor Living 🌿🌿🌿 and Vote for your favourite Designs in the #uniqueyoungstar competition from @spogagafa at Who will win the People's Choice Vote at #spogagafa ! All 16 designs will be on show at #spogagafa September 03-05 Meet finalist Jessica Bizzoni, @j.bizzoni alumna Design Academy Eindhoven @design_academy_eindhoven with her project Rain Flower Walk ☔️ 💐a sound sensorial experience designed to amplify the sound of rain and reconnect people with nature. Natural sounds are used to meditate and to find a mental balance. Those natural sounds surround us, they are free and with this installation people can benefit and have a personal sensorial experience of the landscape. Rain Flower Walk is a sound sensorial experience designed to amplify the sound of rain and reconnect people with nature. This proposal is one of the two designs from the graduation project Sound Zen Gardens. A Rain Flower is composed by a disc, nuts and bended stem made of stainless steel. The disc is made from a sheet of metal pulled through a mould, to give the organic look and to change tone in the pitter patter of raindrops. For creating variety in the noise-pitch, are used two thickness in the thin sheet. And different dimensions are to amplify noises: where the larger flower, with longer sustain, will amplify more each drop. Flowers are organised along a walking path. Once raining, the composition will be perceived with different tempos depending on how fast you walk through it. Rain Flower Walk let people have a personal sound experience of the landscape. #zengardens #rainwalk

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