Jessica Bizzoni

spatial designer, visual researcher

My creative practice focuses on site specificity, storytelling and immersive concepts. With a interdisciplinary background in visual direction, sound practice and urban-spatial studies, I work as photographer, consultant, concept maker and creative thinker. TALENT OF THE YEAR 2019 | The Independent Photographer.

Electric Sun

Electric Sun is an exploration of the night-scapes

and the daily lit environment in which the blurred

boundary between technosphere and biosphere,

creates alternative realities. The project sees the

electric source as the fuel for new rituals.


Part of the research was done at and supported by AiR Destination Unknown. With Electric Sun, Jessica is been awarded at the Colour competition from the Indipendent Photographer 2019 and Young Photographer 18 from ORTE Austria. The project is been nominated for the Hugo Roelandt prize 2019, Blurring the Lines by Urbanautica, Emerging Photographer from the Blue Berlin Gallery; and exhibited at Fotografica 18, European Month of Photography Berlin 18,  Graduation Show hosted by FoMu Antwerp, Si Fest OFF #10 among others. The project was presented at the Kosovo Architecture Festival 19 with a lecture and a workshop. Selected for the Still Young Gallery in Milan by Alessandro Curti during the Si Fest 2019.


2017 - 2019

Mapping Pristina’s urbanscape

Architectural Photography and Documentation done with the support of Kosovo Architecture Foundation during Kosovo Architecture Festival.


Read Light Identity of a City on Koha Ditore, and

Kosovo Architecture Festival Opens on Light Note interview on Balkan Insight.




Decorations for Architecture, A Library of pattern, textures and materials. Architectural photography.


2008 - Ongoing

Rain Flower Walk

More and more people understand the power of sonic surroundings. People want to enjoy natural sounds, but they play the digital form of it via headphones. Nature and cities are offering already a large range of interesting “songs” played in space. Rain Flower Walk I want to show that the correlation sound-people’s movement and landscape is possible. The outdoor installation for public sphere and private gardens, amplifies sound of rain letting people experience the sonic landscape.


From 2016 the installation was placed in various public parks between The Netherlands and Italy, here a selection of places.

Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation project

Mentor: Vincent de Rijk

Supervisor: Hans van der Markt
Head of Department: Stijn Roodnat


Unique YoungStars 2017 finalist.

Read the article from Material Driven.

Interview at Artsthread.



XXX Zone

Analysis of spatial design dedicated to legal prostitution services in the context of regulated and not regulated policies. The research want to analyse and classify the topic of prostitution under the characteristics common to buildings and urban spaces to be able to define typologies.  Elements researched in Amsterdam, Eindhoven Rimini and Zurich. Findings are then organised into a XXX Zone for the Intentional Development Manifest.


Graduation research project at the Design Academy Eindhoven.
XXX ZONE is part of the permanent collection at the Benaki Museum (Athens) and at the Centre for Artists´ Publications (Bremen).

The book was exhibited during the  Athens Photo Festival 2017.

Read more at Traderstalk.



Design + research + photography

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